About Raby Institute


The Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern is the premier center for integrative healing in Chicago. Taking a functional approach to medicine, the Institute seamlessly combines the best of science-based Western medicine with the time-tested, holistic healing of ancient cultures. And now, with 24/7 access to supplements, herbs, and other tools for healthy living available in our digital apothecary, putting your health first has gotten easier and more convenient than ever.

Why functional medicine?


Raby Institute providers believe that prevention is key. To prevent spread of disease and treat already present issues, functional medicine specialists here use a therapeutic approach. They talk with patients about their histories in order to understand the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle choices that can contribute to complicated health problems and chronic disease. The goal: to arm patients with the tools to treat the underlying cause of disease, not just the symptoms.


Raby Institute providers test nutrient levels in order to recognize deficiencies in their patients. They also ask patients about their spiritual and social health, along with their gut health. And while they will prescribe medication when necessary, Raby Institute specialists attempt to implement lifestyle changes and supplementation before pharmaceuticals whenever possible. The supplements and herbs available in Alma contribute to that end.

Hand-picked Products


Raby Institute providers hand-pick the nutraceutical supplements, herbs, and essentials available in Alma. This ensures that patients are getting the most effective, safest, hypoallergenic, medical-grade products from GMP-certified, FDA-approved laboratories. Dr. Raby has toured some of the facilities herself, guaranteeing that manufacturers are up to standard and using environmentally sound production techniques. In short: The Raby Instituteworries so that you don’t have to.


To schedule an appointment with the highly trained specialists at the Raby Institute—specializing in Integrative Internal Medicine, Integrative Pediatrics and Integrative Gynecology, as well as Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naprapathy, Clinical Psychology, Massage Therapy, and Functional Medicine—call (312) 276-1212.